A Passion for Precision,
A Commitment to Cleanliness

PGH Cleaning is committed to creating healthy environments for your employees and customers.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2016, PGH Cleaning is a woman-owned local business. We’re proud to serve Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, and we deliver customized, high-value services to clients across a wide range of industries, from government offices to the small business shops that are the foundation of our communities.


Our Mission

Our mission is to consistently deliver the highest quality service possible and delight our customers every single time while providing affordable rates. We want to exceed your expectations with every cleaning while putting professional cleaning within reach for any business within the greater Pittsburgh area.


Our Goal

At PGH Cleaning, we strive to create healthy environments, one building at a time. Cleanliness is essential for good health, as well as productivity, high morale, and the performance that you expect from your employees.

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Meet Our Founder


Olya Chovnyk founded PGH Cleaners in 2016 to provide commercial clients with access to the highest-quality, customized cleaning services available. Her passion for serving clients began many years before that, though.

Olya is an alumnus of Duquesne University School of Business. While attending school, she began working in commercial cleaning to pay for college expenses. By the time she graduated, she had acquired numerous commercial clients. Never realizing that her “side business” would later become her career, she began a job in the corporate world. After several years, Olya realized that her true passion was elsewhere. She then founded PGH Cleaning, LLC.

Today, Olya resides in Carnegie with her husband and two children. She enjoys running her own business and is passionate about providing jobs to her local community and exceeding client expectations in terms of performance and service quality.


Our Team
Our Most Valuable Resource

All cleaners complete our training and safety program before working in client offices. Before hiring, we check references to make ensure a cleaner is a good fit for our culture and our clients’ needs.

We conduct thorough interviews and criminal background checks. To ensure employee satisfaction and reduce turnover, we also offer incentives and competitive pay.

Most of our team are referrals from current employees, and we believe in forming strong, long-lasting relationships with every employee.

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The PGH Cleaning Team

Why Choose
PGH Cleaning?

Why work with us? Beyond our passion for commercial cleaning and exceeding client expectations, we are committed to transparent communication, full accountability, quality services, and consistency in all we do.

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Accurate, transparent, honest communication is the foundation of our client relationships. We also go out of our way to ensure that we’re available when and how you need us. You can reach us through our website, via email, or by phone.



Accurate timekeeping and task scheduling are imperative in our industry. Our team members clock in and out using an internal app and we verify their location through GPS technology.



We believe in exceeding your expectations. That commitment to outstanding quality is one reason we were awarded Carnegie’s Best Cleaning Service and Pittsburgh’s Best Office Cleaning Service for 2022-2023.



Our clients know they can rely on us to deliver outstanding services every time. Regular inspections combined with employee training are the keys to achieving consistency in cleaning service.

Our Core Values

To deliver quality, consistent service

To be direct, honest, and transparent in all that we do

To treat our team members with respect and compassion

To promote diversity, equity, and inclusion within our team