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PGH Cleaning is dedicated to creating healthy environments for your employees and customers.

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Our Services

We’re proud to deliver commercial, janitorial, and office cleaning services in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Whether you operate a retail store, a business office, an industrial facility, or any other space that requires regular cleaning, our expert team can handle it.


7 Days a Week

A once-a-month deep clean, a regular 7-day-a-week service, or your requirements might be anywhere in between.


Day and Night

We work on both daytime and after-hours schedules – at the same cost – so we can fit your needs and minimize disruption.


Competitive Price

We're always ready to deliver quality service at a competitive price. Contact us for a free no-obligation estimate.

Office Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Janitorial Services

Office Cleaning

Business offices must be clean and well-maintained. At PGH Cleaning, we understand how crucial your office’s appearance is. Our management will conduct regular check-ins to ensure quality and consistency.

We deliver professional, punctual services to handle high-traffic areas, high-touch surfaces, medium-traffic areas, and more.

We create customized cleaning strategies to suit your office’s unique needs and requirements, whether that’s daytime cleaning, after-hours service, or something else.

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Commercial Cleaning

In addition to our industry-leading office cleaning capabilities, our expert teams can also handle any other requirements within your commercial space, including common areas, stairs and escalators, railings and barriers, restrooms, windows, and more.

We ensure that your space is clean and well-maintained to present the polished, professional appearance you need. We’re also happy to tailor your commercial cleaning services to suit varying needs. Do you need after-hours cleaning? Need emergency cleaning over a holiday weekend? We can help.

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Janitorial Services

From lobbies to breakrooms, restrooms to conference rooms, our janitorial services ensure that your facility is always clean, sanitized, and well-stocked. Our expert teams deliver critical services on your schedule, whether that’s during the day, at night, over the weekend, or with some other frequency.

Janitorial services are essential for sanitizing public areas and high-traffic spaces to maintain employee and visitor health and wellness. We’re also happy to create custom janitorial programs to fit different industry needs and requirements, such as retail, financial, education, and government facilities.

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Standard Cleaning Services

Glass Cleaning

We thoroughly clean all glass entrance and exit doors nightly.

Dusting and Surface Wipe Down

We provide tailored dusting to suit your needs and facility type. High-touch surfaces are wiped down to remove grime and residue. We also use disinfectants to remove bacteria and eliminate viruses. We pay close attention to areas where dirt and germs are common, including waiting areas, elevators, restrooms, water fountains, keyboards, and telephones.

Sweeping & Mopping

We thoroughly sweep and then mop all hard surface floors to remove dirt, debris, spills, and more.


We vacuum all high-traffic areas nightly. Wall-to-wall vacuuming is performed weekly.

Kitchen Areas

In kitchens and breakrooms, we clean and wipe down all counters, sinks, appliances, tables, and chairs nightly. Every week we’ll clean the inside of the microwave.

Restroom Cleaning

We thoroughly clean and disinfect all bathroom fixtures, sinks, toilets, urinals, walls, and floors. We even spot clean around door handles and light switches
to ensure the environment is sanitary
and safe.

Trash Removal

We remove waste, clean receptacles,
and replace bags throughout your facility nightly.

Inventory Control

We refill all soap and paper towel dispensers in kitchens and bathrooms nightly. We also communicate inventory levels to office managers, or we can manage inventory for you. We also pass along supplier pricing on all items – we’ll never upcharge you.

Our Service Package

We’ll customize the frequency and duration of all services based on your facility size, number of employees, customer/foot traffic flow, and your janitorial budget.

Additional Services

Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning service is an ideal option before beginning regular nightly cleanings and is designed to tackle dirt, grime, and buildup in neglected offices. Even in professionally maintained office environments, we recommend deep cleaning up to two times per year. Our deep cleaning includes scrubbing and mopping all floors, wiping down switches, door handles, and light fixtures, cleaning and wiping down all desks, cabinets, and furniture, disinfecting all office equipment, and detailed cleaning of bathrooms and kitchens.

Refrigerator Cleaning

Office refrigerators are convenient, but they can become breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. We offer interior cleaning for your office refrigerator(s) on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly basis. Each refrigerator cleaning includes a deep cleaning of the inside to remove dirt, debris, and buildup, followed by a full disinfectant treatment.

Glass & Window Cleaning

We include lobby/entrance/exit glass door cleaning in our standard services package, but we’re happy to include interior window and glass panel cleaning on request. This eliminates finger and handprints, smudges, dirt, dust, pollen, and more, leaving your glass crystal-clear.

Window Blinds

Blinds can become hidden sources of dust and dirt. However, they can be problematic to clean. We offer professional blind cleaning to keep your facility clean.

Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care

We vacuum and spot-treat your carpets regularly, as well as dust and wet mopping on hard surface floors. For flooring that needs deeper care, we subcontract machine scrubbing, stripping, and waxing on an as-needed basis. We do not upcharge for this service but pass along supplier pricing.

COVID-19 Disinfecting Services

Keeping your environment clean and sanitary has never been easier. We provide full disinfecting services for high-touch and high-traffic areas. We use OSHA-approved disinfectants that kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs to help keep your employees and customers/clients safe.

4 Steps to a Cleaner Office


1. Request your free quote.


2. We’ll visit, conduct a walkthrough, and discuss your needs.


3. We’ll email you a proposal to approve within 24 hours.


4. If you approve, we’ll create a strategy, detail a team, and begin cleaning in a week or less.

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